Do you have to be skinny to pole dance?

There were a lot of times in the 1970s people danced to some songs or songs that you could get up on your head. I got to hear a lot of music at home for my early years where you could get up on your head and dance and some music would blow your head backwards. If I was really bad, a lot of people would throw drinks at me. I was always the victim because people would throw beer and bottles at me. It wasn’t a bad gig if you could do it.

People say that when they come to your show you are in a bad mood. Did you have bad vibes?

Yes, I did. I was just a happy kid. I had a great family, and had a lot of fun being a teen who loved to play guitar and play in bands. In high school and when I graduated from high school, I didn’t have friends. I had to make a lot of new friends. I had to make new friends that were kind of like friends. I needed to have new friends and really get into all the people that would be out there at that time. That was the beginning and the end of my life.

Did you like that?

Yes, very much.

I saw you in an old video in an old school photo shoot…

Yeah, that was great. At the time the girls were all over and I really got a kick out of the photographer showing me the pictures that I looked like on the cover of the magazine. And it was an amazing experience for me.

How was that, coming to your parents?

The first time I was there.

Did you have to work your way into getting a photo shoot?

Yeah, it was a tough first time. The photographer asked me what kind of dress I wore and whether the skirt was too short. I didn’t have time to learn the rules and regulations. It’s the thing that I would talk about for the next few years.

I heard the band had a lot of respect for the Rolling Stones when you were growing up. Was that something that really caught you?

Yeah, they were a very interesting band. We were always talking about them. When I was a young teen I was a fan. I played the bass and I had to be one of the band members. But I didn’t play any of their records. I played just one song. It was a little blues, like “Little Red Ro