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  A few weeks ago I was out with friends and my friends knew exactly who I would be dancing with.  This made it so much easier!  The pole dancer with me always felt like a little underdog, and I was never afraid to tell him or her when I was feeling down.  I loved the feeling that I would hear “you are the best pole dancer I have ever seen!” even if he or she wasn’t my best!  My friends were always very accepting in that respect.  I’m learning pole dance and will definitely be practicing more in the future.
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How do pole dancers learn pole?
I believe Pole dance is a skill that requires experience.  The pole dance community is very supportive, so I’d be very interested to hear more about how to learn pole dance.  I know from first-hand experience that there is a massive amount of information that people need to learn.  My best advice would be to get started today and give pole dance a shot.  I love being part of my community and that is why I decided to become a pole dancer.
Can you give me any tips for a beginner? 
The first thing you need to do when you start pole dancing is get your partner’s permission.  Many people believe that it isn’t a big deal to ask for permission, and I totally disagree.  Getting your partner’s permission is very important.  If you aren’t sure what to do, ask your partner what is he or she comfortable with and then find an area with room to move.  Be sure to listen to your partner and understand what he or she wants, and try to find the position or choreography that they prefer.
Do you have any advice for beginners who are worried about getting pole tattoos or piercings?
Absolutely!  I started pole dancing because I love my body.  I just started getting the pole tattoo as I couldn’t see myself without them.  It is very important to give yourself the best shot at starting pole dancing.  If you ask someone how they like their body to look before they get their foot in the air the answer would be “It varies!”  That’s fine, and that’s just how it is.  I know there probably isn’t much time between when I get it done and who or what I wear the next day, but at the end of the day you really don’t want to look horrible and you need to be completely comfortable with how your body looks for pole dancing!
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