Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Championships

Are you looking for training tips?

How to pole dance with a child?

What is the difference between pole dancing and free standing?

Pole dance is a beautiful exercise when it’s well done. And pole dancing is fun, as long as your child is having fun.

I’m not asking you to be a gymnast or do some crazy stunts. Pole dancing is a great exercise and an exciting way to have fun.

I’m asking you to come join us and get a good workout in! We can meet anywhere and it’s FREE!

Check out our class schedule to learn more.

Pole Dancing and Children’s Fitness Classes for ages 1–12. Free for any children 12 and older

How to Pole Dance Tips

As you can see we’re no different from anyone else with this particular sport of pole dancing. However, we like to keep it simple. Our exercise classes feature:

Easy to follow, step by step instructional skills

Exercise skills that allow you to have fun but work hard too

You can get started TODAY using these videos! Take it Easy!

1. Check out our free video.

2. Try it today, and remember one thing: we teach this method for you in a safe, fun environment!

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