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I remember one of my coaches saying that when I used to dance, ‘I built a bigger muscle.’ I said ‘Is this a joke?’ He said ‘No, it actually works.’ The amount of cardio is something you need to be careful with. It can be damaging when it happens and can be unhealthy as well. I used to go out and have two to three hours of dancing followed by a 30-40 minute session of running. When I stopped, my cardio deteriorated and I took a step back.

What does it take to keep the body from getting weak?

There’s a balance. You have to get in all the right phases…You need to do different activities throughout the day: running, going out, cardio, yoga, and weights. You need to do these things. If you just sit back, do the same thing all the time, you’ll get tired of it. We need to change the routine so that we’re getting more in certain phases than at other times. Every single workout is about the cardio and strength, not the running or the throwing. If I go out during the day, I need to do the same thing; I need to do more lifting than just running. If I do my cardio, I should lift the same way. I need to do strength training; if I can’t do squats or deadlifts, I need to do barbell lifts and pull-ups. If I’m not doing pull-ups at home, I’ll do them in the gym if I have a spot. You should be active for every single day. | Pole dancing fitness, Pole fitness, Pole dancing

If you can do those things, your body will feel like it can do those things. You’ll need to be active for two to three hours every single day. If you’re only in that half of the hour, it’s tough. There’s too much activity and not enough downtime. If you do the amount of lifting that you need to do throughout the day, your body will always feel like it has a ton of energy and you won’t get tired easily. This is why you need a gym.

Do you have to get a gym membership to keep your abs looking so good?


What are your favorite foods?

Chicken. I love chicken. I like red meat more than beef and pork. My brother cooks for me, and his mother cooks at home. I love a nice steak with red meat. It’s just the best. I’m a vegetarian, but I

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