Does pole dancing make you fit? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Yes and no. As it turns out, this is not an easy question to answer, and the answer may not even be obvious to you (if you are not already a great dancer).

The truth is that the answer may come out of the blue or from nowhere, whether that comes from a personal observation at the start of a new season, or from something you just happen to have found out as the months pass.

To that extent, this question of fit is really a bit more about the nature of fit than it is about the question directly about size — in part because this question is actually not about fitting. It is instead an attempt to consider just how easy fit can be achieved with varying levels of activity. This may be best seen as a combination of asking a question about how well fits you’ve ever thought it possible, and also a question about how fit you actually are, for various degrees of activity level.

To give you a hint, this exercise can be carried out by simply doing the standard “fits and fits” exercise, but with a slight variation. In particular, there is an important distinction between the “fit” of one particular movement and the “fit” of another. A dance for beginners may be one that requires less activity than one which is more strenuous and may be more “fun” than a more structured style.

So, for you, this exercise may help you to develop your capacity to adapt to the kind of activity that will be appropriate for you and your individual level of fitness: the fit of one particular dance may seem easier, but perhaps not all of your regular practice would actually be enough to sustain the necessary levels of fitness for a more structured dance, which may include moves that are considered a bit more complex than the kind generally associated with dance for dancers at least a grade higher than your level.

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We talked with Leigh Alexander about the recent harassment charges, the need for better policies and the impact that it has on the industry.

GamesBeat: Are there other industries which have similar issues with harassment?

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