Does pole dancing make you fit? – Famous Pole Dancers

Well, I do believe it does, unless you can’t handle the stress of your job! Also, I find that most of the dancers in our area are pretty great, but I’m not sure that there’s always enough talent to keep the club going! In addition to a dance floor, I love that it’s right opposite my office for meetings, too!

What are you going to eat this Thanksgiving? I’m eating mashed potatoes and gravy with mashed sweet potatoes and fresh corn. I’m making a delicious turkey in my oven right now. This is a good-luck dinner for a good neighbor.

Where did you hear about the club? The club was originally founded in Los Angeles, California by singer-songwriter Steve Cate. The club was moved to Dallas, by Steve. Since then, Steve has traveled around the country with his band and has founded or helped fund other clubs in the United States. He founded his first club in Dallas’ West Center Square in 1995, and also has served as an ambassador for other Dallas clubs.

What is the mission of your club? To create a welcoming, caring space for Dallas artists, musicians, and other creative professionals to gather, learn, work, and develop their talents.

Who are your staff members like? Our staff members are passionate individuals who want to see your dreams come to life. They have all been part of this club for as long as I have been involved with the club. We all work together under the guidance of the leadership team to create our vision and to do everything we can to make it come to life.

Which of your employees are best people to talk to about career or life questions? All my team members are extremely personable and really enjoy getting to know the Dallas/Fort Worth community, and I would love to meet some of you!

Have you ever had problems with your business? In the past, I am a regular in the Dallas/Fort Worth office meeting room. I would like to point out that we have never had a problem at my club. That’s a testament to how good of friends we are all!

Any favorite memories of your time at the club? I’m always looking for great things to shoot with my crew! I recently caught up with Jeff, the owner of the Club, and told him about our upcoming shoot on Thanksgiving. He had told Jeff that he was looking for someone willing to do a little shopping for him, and that he hoped I would be down for the shoot.

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