Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dance Clothes Set Management

Yes! If you’re really fit, it can help you relax.

One of the reasons I am so good is I dance with the right amount of grace and grace-in-motion. I love that I have the ability to do this while staying light, but still making sure I’m not getting too winded.

What is your favorite dance routine, and why?

I love my choreography every time I take it to the mat. Some people might find these routines boring or old, but I personally love that it’s new, challenging and can lead to a lot of heart-warming moments.

Where would YOU dance if you had a day off? Is a day off in the gym the best choice?

Sure, if it’s your last day on the planet. But I’m not in the habit of going on vacation for the rest of my life. I don’t think I could give it my all all the time.

If you could be a person in an imaginary movie, who would you be and why?

My favorite movie would have to be The Nutty Professor.

If you had the opportunity to become an Olympic Gold Medalist, who would you be and why?

Sasha Banks.

What do you like to do to pass the time? If you couldn’t have one activity, what would it be?

I could also go on long walks, play some board games and listen to some music. I also tend to be a very active person and can certainly enjoy doing some activities that involve physical exercise.

What is something that you like to do and why?

I love to read, I have so much to absorb and so much stuff to learn and I like reading a lot. I would love to read the books of Mark Twain, as I am a big fan of the late author as well.

What do you do when you aren’t working out?

When I don’t have to be working out, I like to just go through life, and enjoy and see how my life unfolds.

What are your favorite movies, tv shows, music shows, or books?

Favorite books, movies, shows, songs…anything with good literature or interesting topics.

What is the most important thing you cannot live without?

Without food, I would be dead.

What is your favorite food? If given 100 chances, which would you eat first?

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