Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dance Near Me

I started pole dancing as a teenager! But now I have always wanted to be fit and not look like I do. I’ve always had my legs very flat and now you can see them a bit more… I try and work out and get my core working. Even at the end of the night I am always sore! So I am trying to incorporate all the cardio into my training, so I can put on weight as soon as possible. However, even if I am not fit, I know I am still fit if I have a good night’s sleep and eat well! My sister-in-law said that she thinks I need to be a pole dancer! I had a great talk with her. We laughed our heads off. It seems like there is this great thing for girls, whether you’re fat, skinny, or anything inbetween! I have been trying out a few different routines… I am hoping it makes me feel more strong and powerful!

What’s your ideal date for pole dancing?

I have a perfect date for pole dancing – something that suits my unique and specific body! I also have friends who are also looking to dance at my event…

What advice would you give a young pole dancer looking for their life?

If you are passionate about dance, look on the web to find other women who dance! There are many excellent dance schools. I try and find a dance that is close to my body type. It helps if I have a good fitness regimen but most importantly it is about how you dress and how you use your body. If I am wearing some sexy underwear then it makes me more attractive. I do take some things away sometimes. My body is a beautiful thing and I like to see people enjoy it. For example, if I’m dancing in a sexy sexy dress, it is more of an art form for me to go with that dance. I am also very particular about how I eat… If I eat in a bad eating state then I can’t dance! The food is a part of my work as well!!

Do you think you have the fitness to dance on poles?

I do. I am so proud of where I are. I am so glad that I’m dancing and enjoying myself now.

What advice would you give a female pole dancer wanting to have an amazing life?

If you are going to do anything you have to do it for the love of your job. Take it seriously. I’m happy to hear that

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