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Why are the legs so wide apart?

The poles of pole dancing are actually quite small. They are only about 10 inches long, and only about 2 inches width (depending upon the height of the dancer). They are made up of a thick fabric with wide “feet” (similar to those of a sandals), and a very strong “handles” at the end, where the dancer pushes.

When a dancer performs, the pole comes into contact with their body, and the dancer is unable to see where the pole is going, because at that point, the dancer is too far inside the pole to notice. They only feel the pole from the other side, when the pole is spinning fast. As soon as the pole begins to slow down, the dancer will start to sense the pole direction, and they will begin to pull the pole out, or use their feet to prevent the pole from spinning even more. Most of the time, the dancer’s legs are so wide apart that each step is quite a stretch.

The dancers will actually get a little jolt in the back of their legs, and feel the pole shake a little more than most people do when they dance.

Here is a photo of a pole dance and the dancer’s knees:

Why is pole dancing not used in the military?

It has been said that the military will not consider a pole dance as a training maneuver due to possible injury. However, in practice, pole dancing can be extremely useful, especially for those who are learning how to perform on the ground.

You may have heard about someone who got a good mark by pole dancing on the ground.

The reason is in fact that, in the military, a soldier is not allowed to perform a movement unless it actually does something. If the soldiers were allowed to do a quick dance on their knees, that would be one thing, but the military uses a technique called a “releasable,” where the soldiers can actually perform any movement that they want within their body, even if it does not actually move the weapon in any way.

Some instructors say that the military cannot perform a good mark if you have too much to do while dancing. However, the military has been known to actually see that the soldiers do get the best marks they possibly could by playing along to the music with their feet, rather than trying to do everything themselves. There have also been many soldiers who get good marks from pole dancing.

There are also some people

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