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A Pole dancing pole stands approximately 12 feet tall. It is made from an 18th-century wood with a 3-4-inch diameter pole head and 3-4-inch diameter tail which have been fitted with a wooden axle to a small wooden frame with 2 holes in the frame for a strap to hang on. A wooden pole was also used. A pole can hold a maximum of 300 pounds and one person can dance on it without injuring themselves. On the evening of each parade, about 250 dancers enter on three pole poles, each with a pair of wings that provide additional support. A smaller number of dancers enter on two or three poles simultaneously.

The Pole Dancing Poles must be in use during the parade and must be equipped with a fire alarm.

Where can I meet the Pole Dancing Poles?

There are many pole dancing shows that occur at the Pole Dance Hall, but some places in the area offer dancing parties on the same afternoon. You can use the phone numbers listed above to book such parties.

Many dances are only for those over 19.

How does the Pole Dance Hall take care of the Pole Dance Poles?

In most cases, pole dancing pole dresses, dances and performances, and pole decorations are maintained under license from the city. However, this area is equipped for a greater level of service.

There is a pole dressing room in the back of the Hall. There, you can obtain full pole attire and dance with a pole dancer in a dress.

There are a variety of pole dancers performing nightly on the poles.

The pole dancing pole dress, dance and dance performances and any pole decorations are inspected after each parade and must be clean and properly functioning.

After each pole dance, pole dress, dance and dancing requirements may be changed or removed.

When new pole dances are added in the summer, you must contact them before the pole dance begins. For a pole dance in the winter, contact them after pole dances have been done for about 3 weeks. For pole dances in the spring, contact them during the first spring dances. For the summer, contact them when the pole dances are in the first few weeks of June. For more information, call the pole dancing pole room at (832) 644-2852 or email [email protected]

How many pole dancers can I bring to a pole dance?

The number of pole dancers can be as many as 18 but a limit of 15

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