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I highly recommend you get a dance teacher to show you how to do your dance moves. When you have a good partner to help you with the moves, the practice will be easier and it will give you a better foundation to move on from.

You can find a school near you or download our free online dance teacher database from the links below.

If you like the idea of dance classes, try out Dance Studio of the Pacific, which is located right next to the main office at 555 S. Aliso Street in San Jose, California and they have a full dance program for adults and kids of all ages! Learn More

How the U.S. should have responded to Ebola

In the face of an epidemic of grave concern, a question that has plagued the United States since the Ebola virus was first detected there in 1976, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at the behest of Congress in the mid-1990s, developed “Prevenenza” to determine how best to deal with a new and potentially deadly virus.

“Prevenenza” was to be a “top-down” strategy designed to identify critical vulnerabilities and “pivot” resources to the areas where the agency knew the infection was most likely to spread, and to ensure that the resources were used effectively. It was conceived by one of the top experts on infectious disease epidemics, Dr. Michael F. Thompson, an American doctor who is now professor emeritus of medicine at Emory University. In 1995, Congress granted Thompson a contract for a three-year study of the issue.

The result was a series of reports, published at least as recently as 2014, with specific recommendations on how to prevent epidemics. The report’s most significant finding was the recommendation to use more vaccines with smaller effective doses — smaller for a “pulsed” response, meaning more patients, larger for an “active” response — even when the virus is small in the case of Ebola.

The report also recommended that national public health plans — funded by the CDC or federal agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services — focus on the areas that most need to be increased, such as prevention education and rapid testing before people have contact with Ebola patients as the most vulnerable.

Although the recommendations in Prevenenza are now widely in the public domain, what is often omitted from the discussions about the epidemic and the response is that, much like the flu, the Ebola virus spread so easily. The CDC has now updated

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