How can I practice pole dancing without a pole? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

– If you are a girl who does not have a pole, you can still enjoy pole dancing without a pole. The pole dance floor is not very large at this time, but you can make it a lot bigger if you would like to be a lot more comfortable. Some tips for pole dancing without a pole include: 1) you can hang your clothing on the pole. 2) don’t be afraid to pull on your clothes. 3) don’t be afraid to swing your arms. 4) don’t be afraid to jump! 5) never make any mistake about your dancing. It is better to be confused than make an error.

How does pole dancing work? – A pole dancer dances on a piece of steel (or fiberglass) covered in metal rings. This is actually called the Pole. The dancer is then pushed into the pole, called a Pole Position. To turn around and move to the next set, the dancer starts the dance on the left side, right side, front, back, and sides. Sometimes the dancer gets extra points depending on how far they dance, but usually there are no extra points. A perfect Pole Position!

Why does pole dancing seem like such a big group activity? – Most beginners have no idea what to expect from this group, so it really is an all-ages activity. All of your friends could be a lot more adventurous than you are. When you have a good experience, you might want to invite a few more friends and you don’t have to worry about who can join which set.

How many students can we hold? – About 90, depending on how people decide on their level.

How to get started? – If you would like to participate in a pole dance workshop for your youth group, you will need to register online. This website allows you to register as a club with an internet login. Your site will then allow you to start a class meeting with other club members. The classes are held at the same time and same day as a regular class for the purpose of training.

Cost of Instruction/Support – We charge a $5 fee for each lesson we teach. The lessons will be 1.5 hours long and include a DVD lesson, dance instruction, a performance, and other activities. At the conclusion of each lesson, your teacher will present you with an assessment report that will help you plan and review what you did during the lesson. This assessment is in the form of a 5-point rating scale. There is no age limit

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