How can I practice pole dancing without a pole? – Pole Dance Clothes Set For Boys

It doesn’t matter if you have a pole on your back; just get down on it or stand back and keep your feet under it. Once all of your muscles are working together in your torso, it’s a great way to learn and get comfortable with your footwork.

Does pole dancing take practice?

No. Pole dancing is fun and can be practiced any time of day or night.

Can you practice with a partner?

Yes, you can be comfortable with dancing with a partner as long as they have similar abilities.

Does pole dancing require a partner?

No, pole dancing is a social dance that can be danced with your friends or in groups of your own.

Do I have to be an expert pole dancer to participate?

No, pole dancing requires no proficiency except in the physical requirements of the dance.

Does the pole dance class cost money?

No, pole dance classes are free to attend, even if you are a member of a club that does charge a fee.

Do you teach pole dancing?

Yes! All of our pole dancing instructors are licensed by the NYS Athletic and Recreation Commission and have extensive experience practicing the art of pole dancing. You can ask to speak to one of our instructor or visit one of our classes to see how we can help.

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