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Many pole dancers start from very modest beginnings. Some begin for personal or career reasons and do their dance to earn money. For some people, this work is part of a religious or other spiritual practice. In those cultures pole dancing is considered an important part of their spirituality. Other people will do pole dancing because, after years of practising, they feel they are “fit”. Even in the most physically rigorous cultures, pole dancers can get injured.

In the most advanced societies, pole dancing is a very important part of the culture, and the work involves taking in lots of energy to make physical changes and create an almost magical environment. Some of the most advanced dance nations are known for using pole dancing for healing, balancing, and for other purposes. People who can do pole dancing have an easier time recovering from physical injuries and other stresses.

Some pole dancers claim that they have the special ability to get so high that it feels like it isn’t even spinning at all. If you can dance around this idea please read on. I’ve had a lot of experience with just about every pole culture that I’ve been to. I’ve also done a lot of research and found out that the concept of a “pole dancer” is really a cultural construct. In some cultures, there was never any such thing as a pole dancer. Other cultures have seen the need to incorporate pole dancing into their culture and have used the word “pole” to describe all dancers.

So you could say that Pole Dancing as a cultural concept has grown from its roots as a religious culture practice from the ancient Greeks. Some of the earliest forms of pole dancing involve people bending over a pole in some kind of ritual and holding it up, often on the side of a cliff or another peak. Later, as the culture developed, it evolved into this form of dance. Today there are many, many different forms of dance around the world:

The dance of the people of the Andes in Bolivia.

The Dance of the Patek of the Andes in Bolivia.

The Dance of the Patek’s of the Borneo Islands.

The Raza dance in Argentina.

The dance of the people in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The Dance of the People of the Caribbean Islands.

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The Dancing of the Pateks of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Spain.

The Dance of the Dancers of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Spain.

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