How do you do the pole dance? – Pole Dancing Classes Near Menifee California

Beginner level pole dance routine by Aryanna - YouTube

It varies from pole to pole, but I think an important aspect of all of our dances is to keep moving, moving with our hips. If you stick to that, the dance will work very well on its own. In this style, the dancer has to remain motionless and motionless with an almost “drifting” motion while they move.

So your dance doesn’t necessarily begin with your hips?

No, it doesn’t. Our dance starts with the knees and ankles, not the hips. I learned this from my teachers. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you remain motionless when you start. It isn’t about how fast you move, it’s about how much you move. If you do what the dance is saying, and how you move in the dance, your dance will work.

It sounds like the whole thing gets simplified into just being able to stand in one place and then move?

It’s exactly like that. We want to show the body moving and dancing with our legs and hips. And this is so easy, right? Just sit down and start. You don’t have to do any of the steps. And in the last step, you aren’t even trying to do the dance. You’re just sitting there thinking, “How about something different for the summer?”

What are some common things that people say to help get started and learn how to dance the pole?

There is a big difference with the dancers we teach. There’s a difference between someone who’s dancing at a club or event as a social dancing and maybe not knowing any pole dancing at all. Then there’s all the dancers who have never danced in an actual pole. So we need to teach them how to get their feet moving while they’re dancing in a pole.

How do you teach someone to get into the moves? You just show them?

Yes, we show them. It’s a really important step, especially because if you just teach someone in a traditional pole dance, you’re only really teaching them what’s really happening. And how to get their body from a stationary position to a moving position.

Where do you get your dancers?

They come from all over the country. Most of them are dancers in the cities, some are dancers at the clubs outside the cities, and some are dancers from as far as Mexico. Most people come in the winter and most people come from a very conservative background. It’s a very diverse

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