How do you do the pole dance?

What do you do if your pole doesn’t move when you do it? I mean, how do you really get them to do these things when they’re totally unconscious and you’re totally in control of everything?

“I really didn’t know the rules.”

I mean, the only rule I knew was I must touch my pole at least 50 times to be allowed to move it. I actually thought I was a special snowflake because of the number of times I touched my pole and felt so good.

What was your first pole dance and why did it take you so long?

I would not go into detail about that — it was pretty cool and pretty intense to me, because I had never been trained and had no pole dancing experience to speak of. I had this white thing hanging above me and I’d say, “Ooh, I’m touching my pole!” So I’d jump on my chair, grab it with both hands and feel my pole move. I just had to be a little more patient and then I remember realizing that I was really nervous and that there was something sort of off about it. In between every touch it was like, “Oh, my god I feel this way.” I really didn’t know the rules.

What was your first pole dance (or pole dance)?

I think it was probably my third or fourth pole dance after I’d been dancing for a year or two. But I just got really good at it, at not letting my ego get the best of me. I’d try to just stay humble and kind of focus on what I was doing and just try to do it right.

What did you feel when you were moving your pole for the first time?

I was really, really excited. I got to touch something that I’d been working my entire life to get — that’s just the most incredible feeling. I mean, it really felt like I actually got to touch a piece of history that no one had ever got to touch. You know…

And what were you thinking when you first started dancing on your pole?

I was thinking about my dad and what he had been through. I was trying not to think about the fear or the anxiety that was coming up. I was thinking about how excited I was to be able to do this thing where people were coming up to me while I was dancing for the first time and saying such fantastic things about the art of pole dancing.

What was your