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We all try to make it as fun as possible. Most of the time, it is about learning the dance. But you can’t learn pole dancing unless everything is done properly. I never learn pole dancing when it is easy; it should be difficult. There is too much risk involved, and it has not been proven to be as safe and fun to practice as it should be.

Does pole dance have different rules for men and women?

I personally find it to be quite similar. I think I am probably the worst at this because I am male and don’t understand the rules. We’re still learning more.

In Australia, we are quite different from how we were 100 years ago, where the female pole dancer was a prominent entertainer. Women only did it to help raise money for charity, and it seemed very appropriate at the time.

Today, it seems that it is seen a bit strange that females would use such performance as a livelihood. Do you think the current model has been good for the Australian pole scene?

It does help keep people engaged with the sport – which is what pole dancing is all about. However, it does make it harder to attract and retain people in the long term. There’s a bit of pressure on the male to give and try to be the best at their craft, and that is not something women can do. Women have to get comfortable with their skills and move forward.

Are the female performers you see have a different approach to the pole dance that it had in the past?

A lot of the women are very confident. It’s interesting that people are surprised; what was so special in the past is no longer so. However, some things are still very exciting, but they have changed.

Is there a difference in how you look with a top or bottom?

I have a top and it’s just as tight as my bottom, so there is no difference. I have tried to stay away from shoes as well, because it would be way too uncomfortable. There is no rule on what you wear with pole dancing.

Does it affect how you feel on the dance floor?

It probably affects my performance because I would rather have a little more control. On a pole, the top isn’t able to really lift so much. I try to do it because I have to and my body works better for that.

Is pole competition still a major focus in the Australian female sphere?


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