How much do pole dancers make? – Pole Dance Fitness Classes Near Me 45152Ch

A dancer’s basic salary depends on the area of her gig and varies for different levels of experience. For example, a junior dancer on her first contract could make as little as $7.20 an hour. A senior dancer might earn as little as $13.30 an hour on the same gig. As the dancer ages, her wages will also decline.

Can I apply for a pole contract?

Unfortunately, a pole contract is limited to a specified period. Only pole dancers on contracts have access to the pole for that time. Once the pole contract expires, the pole dancer loses their access. If you want to continue pole dancing as an adult, you’ll likely have to change your career path.

How do I qualify for a pole contract?

You must be at least 18 years old. Some states might require additional proof of age. Some states also require that you pass a physical exam. These tests vary and are usually a part of the basic training program or a class in school. Check the specific requirement on each state website before applying. Contact your state board of pole dancing for more information on how requirements are met.

Can I get a pole contract without a background check?

Yes, you are often able to get a pole contract without a background check provided you meet the basic qualifications requirements listed above. You should contact your local pole dancing state for more information on how to get pole licenses without background checks.

Will pole dancers with prior pole dancing experience be allowed into my school?

Almost always. You can generally attend your local pole dancing school and get the same certificate of qualification as a new pole dancer without having to perform during live shows. This requires a minimum of 1 year pole dancing experience.

Do pole dancers get paid for classes?

Yes. It’s common for some schools to have a pole dancing class. Schools may also offer other classes such as dance lessons. You get paid according to your school’s guidelines and what classes you choose to take. For more on paying pole dancers, see Paying a Pole Attendant and Payment Methods.

Is it OK to apply for a pole contract but not a pole job?

Many employers offer a pole job. In these cases, you can ask about the pole position and job requirements. Some states may have specific language that forbids applying for job when already working pole. Learn more about laws concerning pole dancing under the umbrella of Employment. This includes laws regarding pole dancing, licensing, and the application process

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