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Most are less than $150-$200. The cheaper ones run $30-$400 to $500 or more depending on the make and model. I’ve had a few that are around $1500+ (though none that are over $1,000). Most are also not made by metalworkers; they’re made by an exotic manufacturer who can handle the high-end jobs and have the knowledge to make a piece perfectly.

I’ve had mine made by a guy that built a pole that cost almost a dollar. (If you have to ask) he only did the base, then used a welding torch to finish it up. I’ve used a welding torch to do the base as well but I have noticed they’re all about $20 at a local auto shop. (They make a good quality torch that’s also super cheap.)
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In an effort to cut down on costs and make sure the metalworkers know about this type of pole, I’ve built a website for this pole. I would be lying if I said I didn’t ask for advice from other pole makers or metalworkers. Some of the information is here for reference and others might be a bit specific.

As for the construction:

The base and the pole are both made with plywood. When you order a metalworker that you know and trust to build the base, you’ll want a solid base or the pole will be unstable, especially if it’s in a tight location. I always give the customer a set of 2 x 4’s that are the same size as the base when I order. (To get a sense for how much a 2 x 4 will cost on the Internet – this one is around $10) I also ask that they give me a set of 6 inch screws that will hold the base together. (A set of 16 screw or larger will be more than adequate.) My own build has two of the screws already in place, the other set is just waiting. I know metal tends to come off the wood in one piece, so a set of these is all you need.

The pole is also made of aluminum which can make it lighter (less weight), but I wouldn’t go overboard. The poles are usually pretty light-weight when you are building them, so you can usually use one pole for both the base and the pole, if you can fit that much. I’ve had it build a bit long enough that the pole is too large where I’ve had to replace the 6 inch screw and add 6 x

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