How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Clothes Two Piece

Dance classes have a capacity of no more than 120 students per class, which is more than enough for our small size.

Should I bring my own pole and floor dance classes?

No. Your instructor is provided on pole and floors on a per class basis. (There is still a $40 service charge if you purchase a kit or a kit for a specific class.)

As a member of our Dance Club, what do we get?

A private party space, available in a private room, at a special rate. The dance venue also gives you access to a dance floor for a special dance lesson with your instructor.

My event has been moved or deleted. How do I change my venue?

Click here to access the venue change form. (Please include ALL of the venue details on your entry form.) If the change is not processed within 5 business days, we can provide you a refund of one day’s fee. This discount is not available for dance classes.

Do you have rooms reserved for parties?

Yes, we have private rooms available for parties with a minimum 15% deposit.

Does my group get to choose our pole dance classes?

At no charge, you can choose your class as often or as little as you like. A minimum of 15% of your deposit will be refunded to your group if you cancel prior to the class date.

I am a senior, will my instructor be teaching my group?

It is our experience that most people are older than 18 and require their instructor to know more advanced moves.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your instructor and the dance lessons we offer.

I bought a box of classes from us, will that allow me to resell them at a later date?

Yes, you need to send us a credit card purchase confirmation via email for your order to go through. You’ll get an invoice or credit card statement from us within days of receiving your package.

Will my class include instruction from experienced dancers?

Yes. At all levels, our dancers have over a 2.5 year career of experience and are able to give valuable advice to our new customers. A dance instructor’s teaching hours per week will range from one hour to more than 6 years. We will be posting additional information about specific dance instructor offerings and classes in the near future.

I am an instructor and I have been offering dance classes online for

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