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How many steps are needed? How long can you hold your pole, in relation to your body and where you’ll be? Is your pole a long one? A short one? A tall one? This can vary a lot. It all depends on the situation.

We’ll have pole dancers walk up to you to measure you. A few times to see how strong you are, how tall you are, how long you’re able to hold your pole, in relation to your body.

When everyone has finished measuring and you’ve met the minimum requirements, your pole dancers will do the following. They’ll put a large ball on your pole. In all ways possible, they would want you to hold it with your hands instead of using your hands to hold your body, but they understand that this is more or less just the way it has been done for many years now. We will then go around the entire place asking everyone what they think of your pole. Then you can decide what the requirements are for you.

Please keep in mind we are not judging the ability of the pole dancers individually. We will tell everyone what we think about their ability and what we think is needed for the next couple of days.

Next we will ask you to take off all your clothes. That way, everyone can see how well you are doing with your pole. Everyone will also take off all of your shoes, underwear and socks. Then we will start with the pole dancing.

People do lots of things that look very different if they do it in the pool at home. One of the most important things to remember is that these are your limits – not the limits of your body. If you can do this, do it. It would be a waste of your body to try to do something more difficult.

It’s also very possible that some people who have tried the pole dance and are comfortable will have better results with pole dancing in the pool. However that is more of a judgement call.

One last thing: the people we are dancing with will not be able to measure the pole dancers’ body, or to be at all involved with the pole dancing. Therefore, we have a rule that if you are able be on the pole, wearing your underwear, socks and shoes, you should be able to carry on. If you have any further questions, just ask, otherwise, you should stay away from everyone.

Pole dancing on the pool is very easy. You don’t need to sit anywhere.

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