How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dance Shorts Singapore

We’re not sure. While we don’t recommend you use one, we did find this video of a dance pole in the action-sports world holding about a 100lbs (50kg) on one end:

If a dance pole was an Olympic gymnast, we’d be interested to know just how many of these gymnasts actually use the weight of the pole?

Why are some dance poles the size of a basketball or football?

One reason for the size of dance poles is that dance pole manufacturers (Dance Plumbers and Dance Poles) make poles of the same size for sale in a big box store. So if the market for dance poles is limited, you’ll find this to increase the size of them over time. If that weren’t true, these dancing pole manufacturers would be able to sell their poles at a very high price, and customers wouldn’t even know they were on the market, just that they would be of a certain size or weight. In the USA, dance pole sales are more concentrated than you might assume:

Dance Plumbing sells a lot of dance poles

Dance Plumbing sells a lot of dance poles, but only within the USA

The market is small, but the market is huge

One problem with the size of pole that most people think of when they think about an extra-large dance pole is that the width of that pole is often so wide that you can not see its full width.

How big of a choreographer is too big?

Dance makers don’t like to make dance poles too big. This is because the dancers at the top of the pole are trying to be as small as humanly possible during their routines. If the pole is too big, and the dancers couldn’t go as low as they’d like, there’s a chance the choreographer could get cut off. If a dance maker is making dancers too tall, or trying to build a tall pole, you’ll have to choose a pole that allows you to sit down comfortably.

How do you hold a dance pole?

If you’re familiar with pole dancing, you are probably aware that a dance pole holds a couple of different things:

The pole should hold the dancer in the pole

The pole gives the dancer support

The pole can provide a balance or balance that the dancers can’t accomplish without

There are plenty of questions about how a dancer holds a pole, and what it means to be a dancer

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