How often should you practice pole dancing? – Pole Dance Fitness Classes Near Me 45152

While there is no set rule here, I would say that you should practice pole dance once or twice a week. It also depends on your schedule and when the sun is out on pole dancing.

What should I wear while pole dancing?

It is okay if you wear shorts, a T-shirt, or a white short.

My partner is shorter than me; should I use the shorter pole?

No. Both men and women have different pole height. There is no set rule here, but you need to be aware of which pole you use (some of the bigger ones like the Long, Tall and Long Tall poles are also known as Tall pole). If you are just a bit taller than your partner, then you should use the pole that your partner is the most experienced with. If your height is slightly shorter than your mate’s height, then go and get your hands on a different taller pole as he or she will have more experience with pole dancing.

Can I still do pole dancing if my partner is shorter than me?

Technically yes; however, in general, it is frowned upon to carry on the sport when you find your partner is taller than you. It may sound funny but it is completely normal to say to your partner “I would like to do pole dance with you”. It shows that you trust your partner to be able to perform. You may still pole dance while you talk, but only within the room.

Does “pole dancing” mean dancing on the floor?

This is a confusing question for many people. Many people equate “pole dancing” with “barefoot”. It should be remembered that both are forms of dancing.

The “barefoot” form is the one that is performed most often. It is usually performed without shoes (but these are not considered a form of “pole dancing”). This is the form that everyone knows and is most often performed at the most popular pole dance competitions.

The “full pole” form is usually performed while shoes are not required (and sometimes even required!). It is performed very close to the ground in the traditional European style. Since it is close to the ground, you are usually able to dance with your partner from your own knees without shoes.

In both categories, the most important thing to remember is that you are not required to wear any shoes while doing any form of dance (although I have seen some people perform both barefoot and full pole in the same competition).

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