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Randy Pitchford: I think I would say we have probably the best in the world for the average person. We know our average consumer is not going to be a big fan of the way a product looks, but we understand from their perspective that they have a high level of satisfaction with how they look.

It is something that you see from other companies. I was at an automotive event recently where they had a high end wheel that looked great with a lot of chrome. On a couple of the cars that I would have liked to show, they removed the chrome on the sides, but the paint still looked great. Even the paint quality looks pretty good.

With our product, it is a little bit different. Our cars are almost always a little more sophisticated looking. We want a sense of a premium quality, something with a lot of detailing and a lot of craftsmanship. The spinning wheel is definitely a little bit more sophisticated and it does look great on all cars, but there is something about the design, it just looks like a better product.

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Randy Pitchford: It is hard for a consumer to say. It is almost like a trade-off, that I have to make a choice in what I want. Most people don’t really know what they want. They really like cars that look good and they like the details of a paint job or the car looks just nice.

With the spinning wheel, they get into those more expensive car categories, but at the end of the day, they don’t know what they want. They love the look of the paint job and the feel from the way the wheels are attached. That is the great thing about our product. Our customers love the way this product looks, but what I like the most about it is the attention to detail that we do. It is almost like we are doing something that I can see a customer looking at us and thinking, “That is just awesome.” They feel like they are getting great value.

The most popular spin, a lot of people call it the ultimate in quality. Are you getting that feedback?

Randy Pitchford: I think the people that have used the product the most do like to customize it to their needs. So I think that there are other spin designs out there, but the spinning wheel has been really successful.

What were some differences in the design between the first and second version?

Randy Pitchford

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