Is lap dancing legal?

Are the clothes worn by nude women sexy, or risqué? These are the questions that have been debated across the world since the 1990s. Is it legal to wear a short skirt, short dress, or a low cut top during sex as long as it’s not a form of sexual harassment?

The question has caused controversy in many regions across the country, and the most famous person to come out in support of the argument that it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to be nude is Beyonce’s sister Tish. During a New Year’s Eve party in 1998, Tish took to the stage to perform “We Can’t Stop.” Then, she stood bare-chested at the edge to perform a somersault dance. Tish’s attire caught the attention of men in the audience (including her brother, Jay– who wore a short skirt) who decided to ask about it. Tish defended her decision not to wear short skirts, stating that “It’s the way women dress that have been deemed inappropriate”. However, not everyone was thrilled with the idea of her putting on a short skirt for a night out, especially now that everyone knows how much Beyonce likes nothing better than wearing short skirts in public. However, with millions upon millions of people in the general public, and millions upon millions of men in the general public, there are plenty of people who view Beyonce’s decision to dress as a ‘mommy’ in public as a form of protection against some of the things that men do in public when they’re intoxicated (and thus exposing themselves).

Man doing pole gymnastics (Mallakhamb) at raigad festival ...

Is it good for women to know that they can put on whatever they like when it comes to their private parts? No, and no it’s not.

In a recent video, we learn that many women are using their personal photos to expose themselves topless in order to protest the current sexist attitudes in media culture. In some sense, the image is very similar to the images that many women are using to sell their body parts. Some of the men who have been exposing themselves in such images seem really happy with their actions. What’s going through the mind of these men, though? Should we be shocked at their actions, or do we support them? Are they protecting women from the public, or are they trying to make sure those women are safe during their own private moments?

The hypocrisy behind these actions is not lost on me. I am a women who has been exposed to a lot of different clothing, but there’s nothing more shameful