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This is a big topic that’s often asked by people. It’s important to take the time to research this before putting down a lap dance bill or making a statement on the topic! It’s important to remember that a lap dance bill is just one of several items that are being debated or introduced into the state. There are numerous bills being voted on as well, including the “Sheltered by the Law” bill which, like the bill in front of you, is about helping child victims of domestic violence by putting more resources into child protective services. That bill was approved in the Assembly last month, but the Senate is currently considering its own version!

What happens if the bill passes and goes into effect?

While some states do have bills that actually prohibit lap dancing, we don’t know what the federal law would be – it’s important to understand that you cannot perform in a public place or in front of a lot of people who are under 18! This means that if you were arrested for public nudity and tried to go topless – you probably wouldn’t be allowed to do just that! The only case that the federal government has ever been involved in for this is in Texas in the 70’s when it tried to stop the “dancedrop”. There is a “private individual” exemption in the law.

The federal prohibition on lap dancing extends to public nude dancing and dancing to the “dancedrop” song, “You Give Love a Bad Name”! You must be 18 years or older to openly perform this song and dancing in any private location. If you’re 18 and over, you can legally perform this song and dancing in a place that is not open to the public unless you are accompanied by a parent, guardian, legal representative or person wearing a harness.

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What if I’m going topless with a girlfriend (or husband, etc) and it gets too hot?

First, a word from our legal experts, if your girlfriend or husband is taking off, if it gets too hot, you can turn it off. If you are going topless with a partner, they will need a lap dance license (or the equivalent). Some states prohibit lap dancing with a partner, including the District of Columbia.

What if you’re going topless and I’m not in a bathing suit?

A lot of people take this the wrong way when people think that it’s illegal to be topless in a bathing suit. In fact, you can be topless in private and

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