Is pole dance a sport?

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I have a new favorite video game with my brother. It’s Borderlands 2 and it plays in a style that is quite familiar to me because I have played the first, albeit not as far as the sequel. The characters, the world, the story, the guns… I like it. I can’t say I like it as much as I did the previous game, but I still love it now. What do I love about it more, a more elaborate world or a more fun, intense FPS with a great cast of characters?

One of the things that helped me out in this story is something that’s a bit obvious, but one that many of you on Tumblr and Twitter have been asking about for the past year or so: is there a story, or something about the story, in that title?

Well, yes, there is. It’s the first half of the sequel, “The Pre-Sequel.” It’s the story of a boy who has been raised by a magical creature and has a mission to do before he leaves for an important mission that will allow him to live out his life. He is played by Sam Rockwell in the trailer shown above, but if you don’t have a connection to his character in the other Borderlands video games, just look for him to be the one in the trailer who appears to be dead and then coming back to life.

Okay here’s the kicker: it’s a prequel of sorts.

We have a plot synopsis that’s pretty specific about the story I have in mind. It’s not just a straight story where the guy has a mission and is going off on one of his quests. What I want to do is have this really epic quest. But I also want to do some new things, and I want to do those things differently and in ways that they haven’t been done before. I don’t want it to be like every other video game out there that is basically some game in a suit with a guy who is talking about what’s happening around him. So I haven’t really thought about why I wanted to do it. But I had a story with thematic elements in mind and I knew it was going to end in a twist. So I wanted you to be on the edge of your seat