Is pole dance a sport?

Is it a form of expression? Can a pole dancer be an advocate for our LGBTQ youth and the struggles that we endure as a community?

The answer is a resounding YES. Let’s face it folks, the truth is out there… the “unstoppable” truth… but it’s only when you are willing to look hard and honestly about it that a solution will be found.

There’s no shame in holding onto the “untouchable” position! However, this attitude of “trying to hide from the ugly” is a mindset we’ve been forced to create ourselves over the years, one that I refuse to carry in my heart. There are several stories that would be very interesting to explore here…

For now, here are a few stories to add to your list of favorite pole dance stories and images…

The Story of a True Legend from the East Coast (the East Coast of the USA in fact):

Some say that if you look for a pole dancer with true athletic prowess (and no obvious gifts of self-improvement) in a specific city like New York City and other famous “urban hub” cities, you’ll find pole dancers everywhere. For this reason, it’s easy to understand how many people are interested in learning about and being involved in the sport.

And, why not? You get to do an art form that’s been a part of humanity and culture for thousands of years! This sport truly embodies the essence of freedom and creativity… and you get to do that here in the United States! As a proud former New York Doll, I understand why it makes you so excited to discover the sport.

The first thing you may notice about the photos I’m about to share are the unique views. I always love exploring different viewpoints of anything, so a view like the one above is perfect… the view from the sky above us all! The contrast of the night, the sunrise on the horizon and the moon reflecting in the ocean made this particular view really stand out… and it made me remember what all pole dancing is really all about… and what all sports are really about… and why the two couldn’t be more different.

This is the view from the East Coast from a recent NYC visit. As you can see, the sun is setting behind the city and looking into the ocean in what I consider to be the most beautiful sunset you’ll see in NYC!

There were many people in the East Coast who took the time to tell