Is pole dancing dangerous? – Pole Dancing Gif

A lot of people say they think pole dancing is dangerous and that it’s dangerous to put yourself in harm’s way, but really I think that any activity is dangerous when it comes to injury. So for example if I were to take all of the dangerous situations that you can and put them all to one side, and I say, ‘Oh I don’t believe in the dangerous activity’ that I think a lot of people do, then they’d be right, and they would be right to say that. But when you say, “Oh I don’t believe in pole dancing because it’s dangerous to put yourself in harm’s way” is really, really telling. You’re basically saying, “Well I think there’s something wrong with me because I don’t agree that what happened is a danger, it is not. In fact, I think that there’s something wrong with me because I can’t find any evidence that it is a danger.” That is not a very encouraging statement. So I think it’s better to say, “Sure, I don’t believe that it’s dangerous but I do agree that there is some risk involved.” And then if you do that and people say, “But why can’t you say that?” That’s when it really, really stings.

What if no one wants to dance?

Well that’s also a problem. Why don’t we just have a no poles rule? Why do we have to have this rule where we have to have these rules? Why aren’t we able to just say, “Yeah, OK, no poles?” I think it needs to be looked into in a better way.

How is dancing affected by the weather?

The weather is such a big factor for every kind of activity. The weather can mean that it’s a little bit warm or it can mean that it can be a little bit chilly for everyone involved. That can really affect people. Especially on weekends the weather can change quite dramatically. The day before we were in Hawaii (the weekend before it was our wedding) we were in Honolulu for three days. It was raining, it was cold, it was foggy. We were kind of freezing out or we were freezing cold so we were kind of living outside. And there wasn’t anywhere else to go so we were wandering around in the rain.

The next day we got to get back. We got to walk some more. A lot of people, especially on longer trips, are just kind of freezing. We

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