Is pole dancing dangerous?

Yes. Do your part to educate yourself for any potential dangers. It is a good idea to talk to experienced pole dancers and have some practice.

How do you get a pole?

Getting a pole is relatively easy. You can rent one or buy one of these from your local sex shop from anywhere in the world. Don’t worry, they’re not too expensive to install. You only need a pole and some poles that look the same and are about the same price. (If you are concerned about what you’re going to put on the pole, then make sure your pole is not a pole that is too narrow or too tall)

How long does it take to get an I. Pole

If you’re not doing it in the evening, the time it typically takes to get pole dancing is one hour to two hours.

How long does it take to get a pole with me?

It definitely varies and probably takes much longer depending on the size of the pole and how you do it. You should be careful before you do it as you are putting your life at risk. You should be wearing a thick-looking sweat tank and you should have enough balls for all the thrusting the pole will put you through. Your clothes should match.

Will my skin get burned?

Depending on the pole you get, the heat can be intense. The more sensitive you are, the better your chances of surviving. You should wear thick clothes that will block as much as possible. If you do get burned, just wash and dry and don’t worry it hurts just a little.

Can a pole hurt me?

Yes. A pole is made to hit hard. If you hurt or strike the pole, your self-esteem will be damaged and you are at risk for psychological issues. However, you should only ever hurt yourself. When you hit a pole, your body is in motion, meaning that if a pole hits you in a dangerous place like your face, chest, or back, it shouldn’t feel that way. Your eyes and face will probably get hurt, if they aren’t covered by your clothes.

WTF is a pole?

An I. Pole is like a pair of legs that attach onto the back of your genitals. The legs are very sharp and very long, but you can use them for all sorts of things. The first thing to know is that you can’t use the poles for any sort of sexual act. They are not