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You might be able to take a short class at the local nude beach as a beginner, and I would suggest your partner and instructor have experience with the moves before starting.
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So, where can I find pole dancing, you ask? Well many places are offering classes including: Nude Dance Classes, Strip Clubs or Adult Play Clubs.

Are nude dancing classes legal? Does a dancer wear clothes?

Naturism in Nevada means you should not be exposing your body to the public or exposed to other members of the public from the comfort of your home or car. It is legal if you are over 18, have not been charged with a crime and if you are not a victim of harassment.

Nude dancing is defined as a dance in which only the male partner wears clothing other than a shirt or bra, and only when he is in a public place or has permission from the general public. There is also a specific set of rules in Nevada about nudity within a particular context. The rules can vary from location to location as they are based on the region or state in which you live.

The Nude Dance Association of Nevada (NDAC) provides a website providing information about the Nevada nude dancing statute. NDAC also has information on the types of dance clubs in Nevada.

How much does it cost to play at a strip club?

Many strip clubs offer a “pay as you go” model where you purchase your lap dance and dance before paying, in order to get the experience of dancing at a strip club. This model is not ideal because all dancers have to accept something. If you do not have to attend the dance a number of dancers will be available to you.

In order to pay for the dance (whether you are the dancer or the customer) you must purchase a lap dance. A lap dance costs between $8 – $14 plus tips from the dancer. You can pay with cash (cash only), credit card and with a money order.

The fees to dance in a strip club differ depending on the location. Some strip clubs charge you by the hour but most charge a flat rate that you pay during one hour once per club. That means if you spend 45 minutes dancing at a club you will be required to pay for 45 minutes. Some strip clubs will waive your lap dance if you pay $20 for a lap dance. It is better to find the time that works for you and book the lap dance yourself because you also take on the other cost of the

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