Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Pole Dance Competition Videos

It depends on what you do. Pole dancing is something different and it doesn’t have to be all about the clothes. This will also work a little differently. In the past pole dancing was a very male-dominated sport. But now it’s quite female-frequented.

You’ve worked with David Tennant and David Tennant’s daughters. What is it like?

David is a very good friend of mine. You know, for us, David’s acting career was a little more about the people he was on his show with. We were on a TV show in the US, that was an American, and it was great fun for me because he is a great entertainer. Then, in the late 90s in England, David got into an acting thing and his wife and kids were really into it. So that was a good relationship.

Do you think British audiences might like to see a more British version of the show?

Yeah, definitely. Even though it’s based out of Scotland, it has all these accents. I think people would like to see a British version.

Would you watch it?

In some way. I feel very comfortable in Britain. But it isn’t a very easy show to do, I don’t like the long takes, I’m not a big fan of that, but I hope that maybe people can see that it’s not a really difficult thing to do. And that you can give it a go.

The second series is out now.

FORTUNE — The U.S. Senate recently confirmed President Donald Trump’s attorney general pick for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, as has long been expected, with little advance notice or comment from the press.

What will the legal issues be and what will be done about them?

Here are the basics behind Sessions’ nomination to DOJ.

Does the president have Constitutional authority for the confirmation of the attorney general?

The Constitution clearly gives the president the power to “fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next Session.” [1]

What is a “cabinet position”?

A cabinet position is a senior, full-time position with the power to make the fundamental decisions concerning foreign policy, defense, and the economy.

What do these “cabinet positions” mean?

The president is responsible for appointing the chief

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