Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

Maybe it depends on how you define ‘pole’…

We were surprised to find that some people were really surprised to find out that pole dancing isn’t actually the same activity as stripping. So we were wondering how to explain pole dancing to those who thought it was.

First, let’s think like pole dancers themselves so we understand that pole dancing isn’t about stripping off your clothes. At pole bars, you are generally expected to keep your clothes on during your routines, and a lot of pole dancers like to do that as well. There are often some rules for dancing in the pole (you have to be dressed according to the color and style of the pole, for example) so a lot of pole dancing is about keeping your dancing clothes on at all times. (Although, the same goes for you when you strip, and we’ve even had a couple of people ask us about pole dancing and stripping in different clothing.)

For our purposes, pole dancing isn’t about dressing in a particular style. The best pole dances are the ones with great style and great dance. And we don’t dance to find the perfect outfit — we dance because, in fact, we are dancing. But it’s important to understand that the same things we think makes dancing attractive also make stripping attractive too.

Pole Dancing Without Nudity or G-Strings. Just Express Yourself ...
To help you understand this concept, the following illustration was created by Dr. Kae Hyun Jeong of the Korean University of Science and Technology to help you understand the concept of pole-dancing and stripping. You can click here to see the full version — which is one of only two images that we’ve managed to make on this site.

The way that women in the past usually thought of what it meant to be attractive was to wear revealing clothing (either for a performance or a party), and then the men would then choose them out by how they looked on stage (whether they were dressed in a high heeled dress or something more casual) — and then they would choose them for sex, in order to win them over. (One woman in the U.K. decided to take this same concept and turn it into a reality by going as a model in Paris with the help of Playboy Plus.)

Nowadays, most men will want to be attractive, but it’s quite a bit harder to do it in front of a mirror all day. Now, pole dancers have taken this idea to a whole other level because they can actually dance like the girls they are supposed to. In some circumstances, even if

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