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According to Forbes, the most expensive hotels in the world average $18 million a night, an estimated $6.4 million more than the $16.3 million the average American family spends on a room each year.

One thing worth keeping in mind, according to the research, is that luxury properties aren’t necessarily better for a family’s finances than a cheap one.

The research said some luxury hotels are considered luxury only if one stays for six nights or less and others may be considered luxury only if a family stays for five nights or fewer.

Here’s more of Forbes’ research:


“It’s like a car accident,” says Natalia Taylor, sitting outside the Grand Central Terminal, one of only two people in Manhattan who’s allowed in the restricted, car-free parking lot. Her voice is so quiet it’s difficult to hear what she says, but, when she takes her first breath in 25 years, she sounds like a mother who’s just awoken from an attack of morning sickness. “It’s like being on your birthday,” says Taylor, who, before she turned 70, had never driven a car. “I feel like I’m going to pass on my memory—just because I haven’t driven since ’74.”

Taylor and hundreds of other ex-drivers who were given driver’s licenses in New York and other states in the 1960s and 1970s have been in the rarefied group called “licensed drivers” since then, and that’s exactly what it feels like to visit this museum dedicated to their lives and achievements. “It’s been a really interesting time,” says Taylor, in the park, pointing to a wall inscribed with the names of nearly every deceased ex-driver in the United States. “It’s a wonderful place to just enjoy.”



A young Natalia Taylor grew up in a well-known New York family, where her mother was a successful Broadway actress. Taylor moved to New York to be with her father; when he passed away, she was eight years old. Although her father, who was born in Hungary, emigrated to the U.S., he didn’t take on an American dream. “He did a bit of everything to provide for everyone in his life—from getting us married to helping us out financially, but he never wanted to

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