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What’s the value for such a small amount on Amazon or Ebay?

The following are some of the best resources I’ve found for researching on-line sales for ebooks of any kind:

Amazon and Kobo

Here are some of the best sites to check out for online sales of ebooks:

Ebooks and Print Books
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Most of us have experienced the frustration of searching for a book at the local bookstore only to be disappointed. Ebooks can be a great way to obtain cheap books without the big box store hassle.

When shopping for ebooks you have a few options to consider. You can use the traditional books listed below or you can purchase them from online outlets like Amazon and Kobo.

You will want to buy titles from the listed authors. Some of them are also available via Kindle.

If you choose one author you’ll want to make sure the title’s author information is available. Amazon will give titles that have an associated writer’s name as free listings that will not receive their usual $0.99 and will not display in the catalog.

When buying ebooks it’s a nice idea to use the first three digits of the ISBN to confirm the ebooks title matches the publisher’s catalog information. You can either buy from a direct URL or from the ISBN Key for free (see the details below) as soon as you have a chance to verify the title.

Once you purchase from an online catalog of ebooks you can go beyond those few books listed. There are several websites available for you to search for a wide range of ebooks, some of them being used in conjunction with the Amazon & Kobo sites above. It’s worth taking a look at the various book stores around you. You could even try some self-published ebooks as well.

The above are my own opinions and no one can be held responsible for what they’ve said about the books you choose. Keep reading this page for some resources that will give you helpful information about on-line ebook ebooks.

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