Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Famous Pole Dancers

There are different rules for different countries. In the USA you can be fined if you exceed a certain weight but for this season there’s no limit on weight. The weight limit applies to all people, both pole dancers and pole racers. Any pole dancer or pole racer who gets a fine will be given the opportunity to reduce that fine and still pass the test. But you couldn’t do this in other countries. When I was in France with a team from St-Germain it required an entire week to qualify to be on stage for the final. There wasn’t the same level of competition there as in other countries (i.e. European countries).

We’ve heard that pole dancing has been banned in France? Does that really mean that you can’t go? Pole dancing will be legal again in France in 2017. At least for a short period. To be quite honest, I’m surprised French pole dancers can do that. I think they got it backwards this time. When I was at competitions in France in the previous two seasons it was very difficult to get a pole partner. The French were more restrictive about the types of partners who can pole dance. The rules are changing so that people from other European countries won’t be able to enter the competition unless they are the best pole dancers or pole racers (and a good number have no intention of being pole dancers, though). You’ll see the result of these changes in the next few seasons.

Why is pole dance so popular in Paris? Paris is a very trendy place for pole dancing nowadays. In some parts of Paris, you’ll find dance studios catering to people who want to dance to the music on headphones. The Parisian street scene has been one of the best in Europe for some time. It’s very well organized with a mix of people from varied cultures. In the last few years some of the best dancers live in Paris so the city is full of dancing possibilities.

Do you practice pole dance professionally? What is your favourite pole dancing technique? I have nothing but respect for all types of pole. But in the case of pole dancing this is definitely a favourite technique. It’s difficult to choose a favourite technique, since in different styles it can be difficult to differentiate between good and bad pole. Some people prefer to jump higher and lower and have better control, and others prefer to stick to the same pole and hold on with an exaggerated position. What is what? It depends on your technique and a lot depends on how much experience you’ve got.

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