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They do things. And they do them in a different way than those men. It’s like having two sides to the same person—their sexuality, gender, age range—but having the intelligence and skill to see the difference.”

I couldn’t find a pole dance school (for now), but I did a quick little search on YouTube to see if there might be any pole dancer schools for the LGBTQIQ community. I found two (see below) but neither of these programs offers a specific training schedule as well as you would if you choose to perform in a church or similar venue. This means, in practice, that many LGBTQIQ pole dancers have to travel from location to location just to be able to find training in time.

Some have tried to provide training for straight pole dancers, but many of them were not very good. However, two people I know were trained by a woman named Rachelle, whose website claims to be “working with all members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community in making sure they have access to pole dance training.” Her website also claims to have trained many queer men and women who have given up on training. I would personally like Rachelle to tell me what other training options are available to those of us who want to stay in the sport.
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However, there seems to be no way to pay for training in the way that is most commonly needed in order to stay in the sport. It seems that when you apply to do a course you are supposed to pay a fee. And it seems that, as far as I can tell, most churches or venues do not accept the application and therefore require a pay-out of some sort. There also seems to be some resistance to training queer people for certain types of training. The LGBTQIA organization Queer Nation has taken on the challenge of educating church officials. There are a few churches out there who have been receptive, but the rest were less so.

When a dancer is trained from a woman, who will take the course with her and will teach with her, how do we expect everyone to get trained? There was an article about how one church in California didn’t even include LGBT people in the training when they were hired. Another church even went to court because they felt that the lesbian instructor was uncomfortable with a gay dance instructor.

It seems that those who want to go into pole dancing from queer people also have to make arrangements to pay for their own training.

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