What does pole dancing do to your body? – Pole Dance Moves That Involve Legs Only Rowing Drill

When I began pole dancing in the early 1980s, I was doing it for one reason — it made me feel like I was a little bit more alive and I didn’t feel like I was drowning in the world. But as I grew into it, the weight of it and the way it made me feel had a tremendous impact on my body.

For example, I’m a tall, lanky, muscular woman, and I was doing pole dancing for the sheer joy that is just dancing. I would start my routine and walk up to a pole and just start dancing. I never thought that a person could look at me and smile, and be happy. I never thought that I could dance to a note that I wanted to dance. And once, when I was in a really challenging routine, a guy at the gym yelled at me, “Do you think you can dance? Do you not give a shit that you have to dance?” I was so pissed, I was so embarrassed. And he said, “I was the one who said you had a future on earth if you could get it?” I would dance, and do three-and-a-half feet each way, which wasn’t a lot at the time, because it was my first pole dancing class. But that’s how good I felt.
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And my performance was incredible. No one else could match what I was doing. People would come up and want to pose for a picture. I was just a good performer. I just kept improving. Eventually my father called a dance class and I said I would go. It took a while, because most dancers were like an arm and a leg and that kind of thing. It wasn’t until I got to be 6 that I looked at myself as my own best dancer.

What has been your biggest lesson from pole dancing?

As I’ve gotten older, I learned how powerful pole dancing has been for me, but also how weak I have become in certain areas of my life. For example, a good pole dancer has a lot of energy to burn — to dance, to get in shape, to feel great. And it can be so exhausting at times. At a party, I would be too tired to care about the music and the people around me and just sit there and be miserable. What happens is my body starts working to break my spirit down so I’m more comfortable and calm. But now my body feels very tired and I’m thinking a lot more. I can’t

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