What exercises help with pole dancing? – Pole Dance Competition 2020

What’s the best style to use? Let’s share some tips and some of my own favorites with you today.

1. Perform the first act while in the back

This has got to be the most important part of the whole dance, for it’s not just about the performance (though that is another important part). It’s about your technique, your energy level, your self-esteem. Remember to relax, stretch your arms, and let your body move naturally. The more your body is moving, the more you’ll move yourself, and you’re going to be really moving to a great rhythm.

2. Practice for 2-3 minutes per day

This is the part we work on the most. In case it’s not obvious, if you can master that part, you are already in the clear for the rest. And that, in turn, will help the entire process of pole dancing. If you are having fun, you will perform better, and you will start to love your art. This is the best way, for me, to make a change. Just, make sure you practice for 2-3 minutes per day, because even a little bit is better than no practice at all.

3. Go slow

Most people have never given pole dance a chance, and that is totally ok. It’s fun and all, but keep your body moving. The more you move, the more you will move your muscles and feel the whole thing. It is completely up to you which technique you use – whether you use your back, chest, shoulders, hips, and more: it’s totally up to you.

4. You can go


If you’re serious about pole dancing you can go fast, that’s fine too, but you shouldn’t go crazy. Go slow, and do what feels natural for you – it’s not the fastest you can go but it’s a good start. I like to start slow, because, at the point, “I feel like this” feels like it’ll last forever.

5. Be flexible!

The trick with dancing is it’s not just about dancing – it’s more about how you dance. You must have freedom in your movements, because if you are not free, you aren’t going to be happy with the results. You may not be ready for the next part, but you’re going to dance well anyways.

6. You can do it anywhere you want to

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