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There are different types of exercises that help with the development of the pole dancer for different techniques. But as with all athletes there are some drills/exercises that all pole dancers can do that just may help you out with getting new pole moves and more confident in the pole.

I always have my daughter practice with the pole and I try to see if she understands a little bit different from what her parents are doing.

For starters in my classroom she does pole dancing with me and when she doesn’t perform the movements she will try to correct them on her own. In the next class she uses my cues. I always tell her that we are not going to do certain moves until she does them and then she will start doing them.

What about on the pole?

On the pole the exercises for beginners is mainly to correct their balance so they can do their dance safely, while the exercises for advanced pole dancers are more related to getting more comfortable.

If you are working on your pole skills from the floor I think the most important thing is to start out on the floor and work with the pole. Practice with it until you can do some moves without it and then move on to the pole.

On a more serious note I would also say that the exercises to get the best balance and correct posture is really important because your balance from the floor will not be as perfect, you will have to think about it while on.

As I said earlier I always tell them that they are here to do their dance and not just use their arms.

A good example of how to work with the pole is when they are balancing a dance partner on the floor. With their legs they will look for their partner who is also on the floor to tell them what is their best position from a balance perspective. Once they have figured it out then they can move from there.

The same exercise but a little bit different is being able to do different dancing movements, if they can practice it with their partner and then move onto the pole. For now I will try to do it in my class.

If they can do it then continue to do it, if they can’t then continue to get more comfortable.

What is your relationship with pole dancing and you know what your role is?

My name is Tim Moulton and I am your instructor for all of our classes. My goal is to help new pole dancers be confident in their dance technique as well as have

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