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Pole exercise is the most beneficial part of any diet because it helps to lose weight, which leads to an improvement in your overall body composition and overall health.

Is it possible to lose weight while using a cardio routine at a low impact? Yes and no. It is true that a good diet and cardio routine can help you lose weight, but at a very low impact. But there are also many benefits that come from a regular cardio program with the right amount of cardio activity.

How does cardio impact my body?

Your aerobic fitness level is another key factor to be considered when you weigh exercise habits.
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Studies have shown that even though aerobic fitness and muscle mass are related to the body’s overall muscle function in the long run, aerobic fitness and muscle mass help to improve body composition through several simple metabolic pathways that improve overall metabolism, reduce stress and enhance energy production. However, you can still gain lean mass, bone density, and strength with the right cardio program and diet.

What should I do instead of cardio?

The main problem with cardio for the weight loss is that it does not promote good body composition. Studies have shown that cardio and strength training improve physical function, muscle mass and strength even more than a regular cardio program.

However, as mentioned, you can still gain lean mass, bone density and strength with the right cardio and diet. So this is a fine area for you to choose from, and there is no need to use low impact cardio.

So, if you can only decide when and where to start to lose weight, take time to do enough cardio each day. Do the most cardio or high impact activities that you feel comfortable with. Focus on gaining muscle and losing body composition slowly, rather than suddenly.

As for other benefits, you will hear them from me more often in the future.

How much cardio does the average person need?

Most people need around 200-250 minutes of cardio per week. This is the minimum amount of fitness necessary to maintain a good level of health.

Is cardio cardio?

Some people call cardio cardio, but it is not what it is.

Pole exercise is a type of exercise that requires lots of cardiovascular activity, or walking or running at a high level of speed. However, in the case of a cardio routine, it is more of a brisk walking, a walking, or even a sprinting activity. (These are not the same thing!)


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