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Pole dancing is a dance style that involves two to four dancers, with dancers performing on the ground or on poles.

Where can I do pole dancing?

The largest pole dancing venues are in major U.S. cities. They’re called “solo bars,” in which there are two or more pole dancing venues. Some cities have more than one pole dancing venue, known as a “sparehouse,” with multiple pole dancing venues.

How much does pole dancing cost?

It depends on how many people you’re working. Sometimes, you may be charged a flat rate—like $10 for two dancers who go without tips—and sometimes, you may be charged a percentage according to the size of your crowd at the time or the number of people in the bars. Some of the smaller bands charge between $15 and $20 per show or less. The most-expensive pole dancing clubs charge between $50 and $70 per show. It’s best to ask before you make any big deal outs of you’re in a “couple clubs” or “couple-cabs” in order to make sure you’re being taken care of.

Which pole dancing venues are best?

It’s all relative to what you want to do. Some groups specialize in certain parts of the pole dancing stage, such as full-frontal dance.

How do I go about going to pole dancing?

Finding a pole dancing club to meet is one of the most important skills you can have as a pole dancing dancer.

Go to the area club and ask an employee and ask to go in the dressing room. If any of the club’s dancers are also on stage, it’s a great opportunity to learn, or just watch.

The Pole Garage
You can check out “pole dancing clubs” listings in various publications that include various venues’ information.

Ask a club member for a listing or a guide, or try one of the many websites listed by the U.S. pole dancing associations. These sites can usually list a variety of venues, including the ones mentioned above.

Once you find a club, talk to the manager, then ask to take a video with the dancers.

Once you get in the dressing room area, and have a sense of how much you need to rent, it’s best to stay and practice. If you have a good dancer who can teach you, you can take it up. But the more experienced you are, the easier

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