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The key features of pole class are:

1) All students have access to the dance floor.

2) It is a self-regulated, self-assured practice.

3) The dance floor is highly coordinated and controlled with the other students.

4) There are many opportunities for personal growth.

5) The class environment is positive, creative, and stimulating.

To answer your question above, we teach the basics of pole dancing as well as some advanced classes – such as high-energy, high-energy double leg flips, and high-energy free-flips. Other advanced classes focus on the technical aspect – in other words, we teach you how to do pole moves like these, such as the double leg backside push-up into shoulder throw (shown above). Some of the classes we offer include:

• How to start.

• How to balance.

• How to perform an ankle throw.

• How to perform a head-up flip.

• How to perform a side push-up.

• How to perform a kick-flip.

• How to perform an ankle flip.

• How to perform a reverse-leg high kick.

• How to perform a side push-up.

• How to perform a shoulder throw.

• How to use the pole.

• How to balance in high-energy double leg flips.

These classes are taught as a complete class, in which the instructor and students discuss class activities and provide feedback as the students progress through the class.

Are there special requirements for pole dancing?

No. The only requirement for pole dancing is that you are at least 16 years old – and most students are at least 16 years old. If you’re interested in learning to pole dance, you will have to meet the requirements of a club or area dance license. The licensing requirements do not include a certificate for participation. You can learn how to become a pole dancer in a number of different ways. One of my favourite ways is to attend class in my first year of high school.

Where can I find more information about pole classes in Portland?

Portland has one of the most vibrant and diverse communities of dancers in the world! Although we do not offer classes in every school district, we do offer a number of classes in the greater Southeast Oregon area. To find out if the class nearest you is offering

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