Where did pole dance originated? – Pole Dance Class Natomas

– The oldest form of pole dance has been found on the south coast of the United States, the Philippines and the Philippines. The early forms of pole dancing had a body shape of high-rooted (low) branches which hung down as far as the body, and a small (high) head (no facial features). They would stand, and if there was one or more persons on the floor they would dance. It has been recorded that many times, pole dancers used to come together in groups and take a short walk on the beach. There is a tradition of pole dancing at the North Pole in Canada. Many people believe that the idea of pole dancing, first developed in 1884 by the British military, has the origins in the British Army. The Army brought the idea to the US in 1883, and American soldiers developed the use of the pole dance by bringing it over to their American counterparts. This was because they did not consider the pole dance as an integral part of American culture. The US military in turn created the trend. When the pole dance is taught by the Army the students will spend a lot of time moving, and trying to show and communicate that they are a good dancer. The Army and the US government in particular are very aware of this and wanted to bring pole dancing to the public with the idea of entertainment. The US military and the US government then decided that the best way of bringing about this was by bringing pole dances to high schools and colleges. The US military, which also owns the New York Yankees, wanted the Yankees to do the choreography and bring pole dancing to the public. The Yankees did the choreography, but there was no pole dance and only some dancing with the balls. The first of these dances was done in the mid 1860s by Major D.J. “Mitch” DeBartolo with the New York Military Academy in upstate New York. The New York military Academy is now a high school with a focus on music and the arts. The Army, who is known to be a military-oriented organization in the United States, wanted “dance on the streets” to be the best way to bring over their idea of “fighting on the beaches.” These dances then spread over the country from that time, and the American flag was the “flagship” of the dance throughout the United States. This dance then spread to cities like Los Angeles, in 1920, and Chicago, in the late 1920s. The US military then wanted to use the American military in the same type of

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