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Probably not Daniel Dae Kim, but you have to admit that when he puts down his pole in the ring, there’s no denying that his pole is on point.

A Pole to Proves It:

Kim is a native of South Korea. When he was in high school, he noticed that he wasn’t getting the recognition at home he had been accustomed to. So he went to a private school and changed schools every year as he was unable to find a school that would offer one of the elite schools. Kim studied abroad for a year in Hong Kong. He went to Stanford in the United States, then moved back to South Korea and went to Seoul Central University. This time around, Kim became an undergraduate student at Seoul Central University and in the same year, Kim transferred to South Korea’s National College of Physical Culture.

The University of South Korea

The National College of Physical Culture

When Kim first went back to Korea at the age of 20, things were different again from what he had heard about how Korean pole dancing was, until he moved back to campus because he noticed how a lot of his classmates were not performing very well, at least in his opinion. The school was not doing well, and this time around, Kim went there to get the attention the way he wanted and was pleased to see how many of his classmates were performing well. He noticed so many of them were not competing in any competitions, which made him wonder what the difference is between a pole dancer and an athlete.

Kim learned a ton of things, about pole dancing and about himself from pole dancing competitions, competitions and competitions alone. Kim started competing, and winning, at a very young age, and is still winning competitions today. He is currently the reigning champion of the Korean World Championship, and he won a title at the 2016 World Championship. He is an accomplished pole dancer, a champion, and he is a big pole dancer that is still growing his professional experience, which Kim thinks is great for becoming a successful pole dancer. Kim is constantly finding new challenges in the professional world, like he did to become an Olympic champion. He will continue traveling around the world as his schedule allows and he will continue to take all of his opportunities that present themselves.

Kim has been pole dancing for over 20 years. He has been competing in competitions for several years now, winning many competitions. He is still in the Olympics training to compete for pole dancing world’s championships. He has learned a lot, about pole dancing and about

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