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And why does everyone do it?”

The questions have been part of the question-and-answer debate since the beginning of pole dancing.
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For over a decade, people have asked, how attractive is pole dancing?

But this is the question that has been a challenge to pole dancers for years. And when the debate came in, this year, pole dancers wanted to show the world they are attractive.

“I’d been asked this question a few weeks ago. I said, ‘What do I look like?’ And I said, ‘Well my thighs are skinny. And my hips are high because my legs are so long.’ And they said they’re not sexy. And they’re so kind of being so kind of judgmental and nasty,” said Pole Lady (or “Lady Pole” as she has been known on Instagram), Nicole Peralta.

The photos were part of a feature-length documentary titled Pole Lady: The Real Thing that was shot by the director of the documentary, Amanda Lee, and directed by James Lehr at the College of Charleston.

In the series, Peralta and other pole dancers, including Christina Tosi, show the world behind-the-scenes of the sport.

This clip from the documentary, “Pole Lady: The Real Thing” features Nicole Peralta, the woman behind the camera, discussing how and why pole dancing is attractive. (Courtesy of Amanda Lee)

PoleLady: The Real Thing” is now playing at the University of South Carolina and on the National Geographic Channel.

Pole Lady: The Real Thing” is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the stories of women involved in the sport. It was directed by James Lehr at the College of Charleston.

“It is not an easy movie to make. But I had really high hopes in it,” Lehr said. “I had high hopes and I was really excited to be working with Amanda Lee and James Lehr, they have done this a lot over the years.”

Lee filmed about 35 hours of footage and put it online in June. The film was part of South Carolina’s first-ever production for the National Geographic Channel. The film has been viewed more than 6.5 million times.

Lee, who graduated in 2007 from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Film, was working as a photographer before joining Lehr on the film. He met her at the New York State Film Board’s FilmFest

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