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For many people, pole dancing was the only form of dancing that was actually attractive to them from an evolutionary perspective. If dancing was sexy, then it must be fun, which would likely make it desirable to have children, and thereby be attractive to the parents of their future children. For the rest of us, it is the only form of non-violent, sexual, and aggressive mating dance in which we can enjoy ourselves.

There are several other attributes that I find appealing, but they are just incidental to being able to dance around a pole in the wild.

In one of the few anthropological observations made of humans at home or around other people in the wild, Robert Sapolsky notes in his book The Blank Slate that human females in general are “unabashedly and vigorously erotic.” He writes that they are “wild women in their element,” that’s what “wild woman” means. We humans may have been different in the past, but in the modern world there’s no reason we can’t be sexually attractive to our offspring at home or at the local pub.

In a blog post that I wrote on the topic of gender and animal welfare in the wild, I argue that while we may not want to be attracted to our own species due to our evolutionary past, we can choose to be attracted to others in the wild which may be even more attractive to humans. My colleague Tim Smith wrote a very thorough response to this article and I highly recommend you read his work. In the blog post, Tim describes the “nature vs. nurture” debate and how the evolutionary biologist Stephen Ceci wrote a response to it in the most recent issue of the journal Biology Letters. I think my response is well worth your time to read.

In the end, all of this talk about sexuality in a modern world is just talk. We still have a ways to go before a complete theory of sexual morality can be developed to fully explain our desires and to allow us to pursue them in a satisfying way. For now, I feel that pole dancing is extremely sexual activity, and I have very strong feelings about it. I hope to find a place and time for all of you who like pole dancing in the wild to partake and/or participate in, and I’d like to see the best and most creative pole dancers in the world get this opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the topic you’ve brought up?

[Image credits of Sarah Lynn and Andrew Leach via Flickr]

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