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Why do men want to see women with enormous breasts? And if there are two kinds of women out there, does dancing on the pole just offer you one?

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The answer, of course, is yes, but it’s not so simple.

If you think about it from a pole dancer’s perspective, a pole may seem like a strange place to be. There is one pole: the headpiece that you wear, which you do not change at all for three hours in the swing. There is only a small platform on which you perform, which is usually a smaller set of legs than some women are used to in the open. But here is something else to consider: You are performing a dance for three hours, with the full intention of being able to return to the ground within a few minutes, at the end of the evening.

This is a tall order for the average dancer. It may be difficult to keep the balance of your body when you can’t move your legs, or to keep your arms from wandering around. On top of all that, your whole body is locked into position. It’s going to take quite a challenge to keep up these activities over the whole hour, unless of course you manage it without using your legs.

But if you do manage it, you’ll notice that you have quite a lot to learn about your body, how to do your own moves, as well as how to adjust yourself to the different angles and positions you will need to work within. And, most of all, you are going to get a whole new appreciation of how the body actually works: there will be a real sense of wonder that you are a part of it and not some tiny animal that you’re making someone feel uncomfortable for no reason. Of course, it might not be as fun as you have imagined it would be. Your nerves will go haywire. But you’ll not regret coming down with the sun.

So how do you do it? Just like a good pole will teach you, the pole dancer also needs to learn to adjust to the different things that happen around you.

Here are just a few tips to get you started with your learning to dance:

Take the time to work on all muscle groups, especially the shoulders and hips. You want them to be tight so that you can keep control of your body during the dance.

Practice using your hands and feet during the swing so that you can learn to use your feet and hands to create and maintain movement

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