Why is pole dancing attractive?

It is not a “women’s art” but a “dance of the penis.” (The penis, it turns out, is not necessary to perform pole dancing). But it is attractive. The body is a dance. A dance of the penis in the crotch. Even if you are a feminist: the fact that a vagina or clitoris is not necessary to have sex is not worth celebrating, it is a bad sign if you are supporting it without even thinking about it. Why does the penis get so much more attention when you are doing the hip hop stuff? It probably has something to do with how it looks. (It’s the same with the penis and penis parts).
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The feminist movement does not promote the beauty of the penis. It is not the penis that is attractive. This is not about beauty; this is about dominance. There’s a whole “beauty” thing that people use to try and make the penis less attractive. I was going to bring up this but I can’t as the blog was really on an emergency stop. A vagina is a necessary part of performing pole dancing and if you want to be a pole dancer you want a vagina.

So the reason that you see pole dancing has to do with the fact that it has become so mainstream to a large number of people! (It’s popular in the news, right?!) The more mainstream the pole dance is becoming, the less of a niche it has and the less the niche will be for women.

Oh that’s good. The mainstream is not doing it right. I have been told all the time that no one else would ever do pole dancing for women’s body parts. The answer to this is easy. Everyone in this blog should learn it right away and do it every time they see people doing it for women’s body parts. It’s a skill we could all start using right away.

Now the whole hip hop thing. The hip hop community has no idea what is going on with pole dancing. They think that they can do it on their own… that it’s cool because they are hip enough to do it right. It is not cool. But the truth is that it is not cool for a reason: it is hip hop.

Pole dancing is not for you. If you want to use it because it is hip hop, or because you are a hip hop artist, do that. For everyone else who wants to do pole dancing: please look at the pole dancing community, ask yourself what does