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Is there an international plot against Walt? How does this effect the future of CIVIL WAR 2? Could a bad ending to the story lead to a bad outcome for the film? Listen to the full interview or read on for answers to those and other questions.

For a long time before D23, Waltz was considered by many of us as one of the weakest actors in the Marvel universe, as if those poor reviews were a sign of the rest of the franchise’s problems. He was also a bit of a liability on that screen, as his performance in Hulk and Ant-Man showed us, but there was nothing for him to really compete with in the Marvel universe — or in the world. With the release of Civil War, however, things are starting to change for Waltz and the role was a big part of the narrative. When asked by Collider’s Evan Narcisse what audiences should expect from Waltz in Civil War, Waltz stated that he will finally be able to stand on his own feet against Iron Man.

“For me I’d like to tell a story where the story that I really, really want to tell with Civil War, and with Thor II: The Dark World, and with all of those — it’s a story that I’ve wanted to tell my whole career. So I feel like I should be able to. And I feel like I should be able to do that. That’s what I feel like’s going to bring it together in a really beautiful way.”


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When asked to elaborate on his character and future, Waltz had this to say:

“Well, let’s talk about how things have always impacted [him]. He has always been this character and in Civil War he’s got the opportunity to be an independent figure and to explore his destiny – his personal destiny. And with a bit of luck he may become the man I’m looking for. But I want to tell a story about that. And in a way it’s a story about a lot of stuff. I think about how we always think about the future, about whether your life is going to be all you wanted. What did it really mean to let a few of our greatest heroes – our greatest heroes on Earth – be a part of it? What could they do if one or two of them changed? How can the Marvel Universe support an entire team of heroes, a team of superheroes who are fighting for justice in this world which we actually live in?”


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